Rail Milling Services (Misc)




Ordering Info.


Mill slot for foregrip $25


Mill Wings off RT-Pro or Emag $25


Convert RTP style rail (any rail) for use with Stainless Steel body $25



Warpfeed notch milling $25 

Please specify which side the notch needs to be machined on, left or right from the perspective of the marker being shouldered.

Warp notch 'left' pictured below.


Milling for airline channel $25

Includes milled area and hole to route airline into frame.


 Rail powder coating $25 

Available in Dust Black

ULE Rail Milling (All stock AGD Rails) $35

ULE milling varies between rail types.
AGD Tac-One rail shown below.
 Emag style rails come with ramped milling at the rear of the rail. (See below)